IG believes that outsourcing can become a winning business strategy and offer businesses solutions enabling them to outsource their non-core activities, so that they may focus their resources on their core business. IG takes over these processes and provides the services based on defined indicators, focusing on constant improvement. IG's know-how enables it to review in depth the processes and technology employed for its outsourced activities. IG Services goes beyond the concept of "body rental", aiming at a wholly outsourced service, thus achieving lower fixed management (administrative and personnel) costs, reduced technological investments, budget optimisation based on actual needs, effective control of return on investment, maximisation and constant monitoring of service levels.

Drawing from its longstanding experience and its sound managerial background, IG offers an extensive array of efficient and top-quality services, targeting multinational companies and high-profile customers, in the following business fields:

  • Human resources
  • Contact Centre based customer support
  • Documents dematerialisation and optical storage
  • Corporate vehicle fleet management and related problems
  • Sourcing, Bid and Supply Chain Management
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Administration, accounting and expense account auditing
  • Logistical and coordination activities for conferences, corporate meetings and promotional campaigns
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