Interaction Group

We provide high added-value consultancy solutions tailored to our customers' needs and characteristics, drawing from a wealth of skills and expertise in the fields of Organisation, CRM, Human Resources and Business Strategy Management. Our professional background and integration of know-how enable us to provide organisational consultancy services based on high-level methodologies and structured approaches. We can offer an array of organisational solutions, enabling businesses to improve their work processes, manage change and maximise profitability. Working, as we do, in close partnership with our customers, enables us at IG to gain an insight into their actual needs and to understand the areas that need improving, so that we can come up with the best solutions for achieving their business goals.

We provide in-depth expertise in a number of fields, in particular:

  • Organisational assessment and redesigning/development of new organisational models
  • Efficiency-enhancement and the reorganisation of business processes
  • Development and customization of solutions CMDB ITIL compliant
  • Determination of individual objectives and performance assessment (Personal Review)
  • Restructuring and motivation of commercial networks (Rewarding System)
  • Development of cutting-edge customer management models (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (Customer Surveys)
  • Supplier surveys, definition and management of tendering specifications
  • Development of partnerships (definition of Service Level Agreements)
  • Definition and implementation of outsourced processes (Outsourcing)
  • IT multisourcing strategy definition and implementation
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